Today’s Mortgage Rates, September 19, 2017

30 Year Fixed 4%

30 Year Fixed FHA 4.625%

15 Year Fixed 3.375%

7/1 ARM 3.75%

30 Year Fixed Jumbo 4%

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 11:36 pm
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Home Seller Advice: Keep Your Home Clean During Showing Hours

Keep your house clean at all times. Wash the dishes after eating. Make your bed every morning. Hang bathroom towels neatly after using them. A messy home will likely receive lower offers.

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 9:49 pm
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Home Seller Advice: Tuesday Is The Best Day To Put Your House On The Market

The best day of the week to put your home on the market is Tuesday with no showings until the weekend open house. This will create buyer excitement and anticipation which will likely produce a busy open house. Busy open house will create the “auction effect” (excited buyers seeing that other buyers are excited and in turn try to outbid each other). When buyers try to outbid each other, the seller often gets a higher price than expected

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Home Seller Advice: Thoughts About Home Staging

If your home is empty, consider staging it. The fact is that some bare rooms can look empty and sad. The impact of staging your home can be substantial. On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged ones. If you’re on a limited budget and can’t afford the whole house to be staged, make sure at least the living room and kitchen are professionally furnished

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Home Seller Advice: Pricing Your Home To Sell

Don’t Play Games, Price Your Home Right From The Beginning: I wouldn’t suggest you price your home high to make a killing or so you can be haggled down to fair market value. The risk of an overpriced listing is that your home may sit on the market too long which will make home buyers ask themselves “what’s wrong with that property”? Today’s buyers do their homework and will know if you’re price is too high. So price your home at market value from the beginning or consider pricing it slightly below market value to start a bidding war. A bidding war on your property is a good thing and may make it possible for you to sell at a higher price than you thought

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Home Buyer Advice: Stay Away From These Types Of Real Estate Agents

Home Buyer Scam Alert!!! Be careful of agent’s offering “VIP Home Buyer Service” or a similar service. What these agents are trying to do is charge you extra fees with names like “client service fee”, “doc prep fee” or “processing fee”. These agents will try to charge you thousands of dollars for these fees and they are absolutely unnecessary. Never pay your buyer’s agent (and the brokerage they represent) a penny!!! A great agent will give you VIP Service, look out for your best interest, negotiate on your behalf with expert skill, guide you through the transaction and never ask you for money. Home sale procedures are different outside of Los Angeles County, however if you’re buying a home in So Cal and your agent wants to charge you a fee, fire them

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Home Seller Tip: Here Are Reasons Why A Home Buyer Won’t Offer You Top Dollar

First impressions are important. Here are some reasons why a home buyer is less likely to offer you top dollar:
# overgrown lawn and poorly maintained yard
# cluttered closets
# unpainted front door (or has chipped paint)
# blown light bulbs
# a pile of dirty dishes in kitchen
# a yard filled with pet feces
# unpleasant smells from pets or indoor smoking
# rooms with bad colors and/or wall stains
# poorly lit and dark rooms
# stained carpet
These are all cheap and easy fixes. Make sure to get them done/fixed before a home buyer visits your home

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Home Seller Tip: Make Your Property Easy To Show

Make your property easily accessible to buyers. Lock boxes are a great way to make your home most accessible to agents for showing. Appointment-only showings are the most restrictive. If your lifestyle is not compatible with frequent showings, your agent will help you determine a solution to suit your needs. Keep in mind the easier your home is to show, the better the odds are of getting the deal you want.

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Home Seller Tip: Curb Appeal Ideas

Make sure your home looks great from the street. Here are some ideas
# make sure trash cans are put away
# lawn is green and freshly trimmed
# yard is cleared of leafs and papers
# fence is in good shape
# garage door works easily
# tools in garage are neatly arranged
# garage and driveway floor is clean, free from cracks and in good shape

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What Is Escrow?

If you sell your home in California, you are likely to use the services of an escrow company. Here is what escrow does: Through negotiations, the home buyer and seller establish the property price, terms and conditions for the ownership transfer of the property. These terms and conditions are given to a third party know as the escrow holder. The escrow holder acts for both buyer and seller and protects the interests of each within the authority of the escrow instructions. Escrow Instructions, which are prepared by the escrow officer, identify all of the terms and conditions of the escrow, as well as the escrow holder’s general provisions and legal responsibilities and limitations. They are usually detailed in nature and prepare the escrow officer for every situation.

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